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Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke software development will excel your business into it's next level of service and efficiency. It's paramount for your growing business to utilise the benefits of a system built specifically to how your business works. Our software removes usability headaches, department inconsistencies, additional work and unnecessary staff costs.

At Aplos Systems we like to get to know our customers and by working with you we can analyse your current needs and work flow, then through the development of bespoke software we can ease administration and time wastage. We're easy to approach and the best people to get a conversation started with as we'll offer free impartial advice. Start a brighter future for your company by calling us on 02381 580080.
Aplos Systems is a UK software development company delivering robust, out of the box bespoke software. Our architecture is open source so that you can own the end result of our work with 24/7 access to the source code. Our bespoke software is engineered and industry established to get your business moving forward onto it's next level. Join the cloud with the help of our software Guru's to create a sustainable, transparent tool to your success.

Bespoke software allows your business to adapt to changing trends. Modification's can be made swiftly giving your business the competitive edge required to excel in crowded marketplaces. Comparing businesses that have opted for bespoke software to those without really highlights what a game change this decision can be.

Features Overview

  • User Friendly

    We've designed all of our systems to be user friendly and appealing, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Avoid poorly designed systems which increase user training, decrease application utilisation and create a reluctance to adapt a software system. 

  • 24/7 Support

    When you are relying on a system to manage your business even a moments inactivity can be costly.  We are available for support 24/7 with fully trained developers, minimising any inactivity and making sure any questions can be answered.

  • Bespoke software

    Our fully trained developers take advantage of our modular architecture to create completely bespoke software tailored to your needs. Bespoke database software development ensures high levels of efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.

  • Updates

    Technology is continually evolving and if your application doesn't evolve with it than it will soon be unable to meet requirements.  Our systems are continually updated to make sure that they meet the demands of a modern environment.


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Starting a project...

Contact us. send us the information about your bespoke software requirements, if you have it written down in the form of a specification then this can save a lot of time.  If you prefer to talk through your project or need some advice in creating the specification we are happy to help.


Quote. Once we have the basic information about your bespoke database software requirements then we will send you through a quote within 7 days.  The quote will estimate the time and cost of the project from the information so far.


Customise. Once you have received the quote you don't have to make a decision straight away, you can come back to us with any customisations that you would like to add.  If we haven't already had a face to face meeting then this is often a good time to have one to beat out the finer details of the project.



  • Aplos Systems have created a brilliant bespoke database software system for us. They have been extremely easy to deal with, very responsive and have really understood our business and exactly what we need to make it as efficient as possible. I can thoroughly recommend them to all those who want to improve the performance of their business.

    Anthony Bagshawe

    • Altrui

Open Source Aplos Architecture

The reason we can build our bespoke software so fast and with so many reliable features is all thanks to our Aplos Architecture. Our architecture has been in development since 2008 and now contains hundreds of thousands of lines of code. When we build a project custom to your specification we know that our Aplos Architecture will contain pre-written functions that will help us reach your requirements without having to rewrite something that we have spent hours writing before.

Even better is that we are so proud of this code we have made it open source. This means that you can get access to the code and once you have the code specific to your project you will be free to modify it, use your own developers or even outsource development if you wish. Obviously we would hope that you continue to ask us handle your development but we are so confident in our abilities that we won't tie you down.
Our architecture is held at the popular SCM website GitHub. It is stored on four java modules, core, common, cms and ecommerce. These use two maven helper modules, root and parentroot. The final module is a maven archetype that will help developers to create new projects quickly and easily. Please click on the link below to see our modules:

A user guide can be found at:

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in our community please use the contact us page.